// The story begins early in the century after the Second World War. Alexander Fuchs, a young Hungarian, with a passion for precious gems from a very early age decides to try his luck in Antwerp. Armed with a single suitcase and a fierce determination, he landed In the diamond capital.

Alexander had a dream: to establish a business on the most prestigious of all markets. Three years of apprenticeship with a famous diamond merchant would be enough for Alexander to open his own business and, within two years, to become one of the most notable figures on the Antwerp diamond market.



// Alexander’s passion soon became a family business. That is how his son-in-law Arthur, who was also fascinated by the magic of precious gems, open his own business and founded his company in 1975.

Member of major stock exchanges around the world, Arthur has a flawless reputation in the microcosm of diamond and major jewelers.

Following in their father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, two charismatic and highly-regarded figures, Daniel and Patrick joined, in 1990, the family business.Benefiting from their father’s know-how, they learned their profession day after day, journey after journey, and would quickly grasp all the subtleties of the craft and master all of its codes.



// Anxious to continue the family heritage and inspired by the will to invent new jewelry, the Sieradzki family, led by Daniel, decides to create a jewelry house with a strong and distinctive identity.

By giving the name of Alexander Fuchs to the label the family is determined to honour the grandfather and thus to confirm its attachment to the profession transmitted from one generation to the next.

The authenticity engraved in the brand's DNA confidently rubs shoulders with patented production methods whose creations are a true technical masterstroke.

Made for today's women, rather than to impress those who look at them, the Alexander Fuchs creations reveal the magical and sensual combination of diamond merging with skin. Recognisable among thousands, they create a fusional link with the women who wear them and give them that extra spirit that makes them so unique.