Daniel Sieradzki



The heir of a family history, Daniel Sieradzki has lived in the magical world of diamonds since early childhood. He follows in the footsteps of his father Arturo and his grandfather Alexander Fuchs, recognized and respected personalities in the diamond trade, and builds up a strong reputation in that reserved and discrete micro cosmos over twenty years.

The Alexander Fuchs label he creates in 2010 is the result of that all-encompassing passion and which he becomes the artistic director.

The bias is radical: The disappearance of the frame in favour of the gem. In other words, a diamond and nothing else. That is Daniel's philosophy based on the pure spirit of the diamond cutter, know-how and professional expertise.

His collections, emblems of a free and open-minded spirit, smash conventions and break a few taboos.

Daniel Sieradzki prefers replacing the terms High Jewelry with Haute Couture. Fully designed and produced by hand in his Paris workshop, his innovating and daring creations are the result of perfectly identifiable and extremely technical splits.

Like a diamond weaver, Daniel imposes his identity independently from the jewellery trends, by developing a minimalist and unconventional approach to jewelry which is based on the emphasis on diamond alone.